Colorado Governor 2022


Not a Republican,
Not a Democrat,
Just a Coloradan.

Getting Back to the Basics with
“We the People”

The ONLY Native of Colorado in the Governor’s Race; and she isn’t a Politician!
She’s running as an Independent-
The American Constitution Candidate.
It is time for a Political Revolution!

“I never imagined I would be running for Political office, but as a Native of Colorado I have watched extreme and radical ideals that are not only destroying my state, but also my Nation get introduced and passed in our legislation. I ask myself where did the ideals of fighting for people go? The Constitution has been under attack for decades and our elected officials today care more about catering to special interest agendas then defending the rights of the people that got them elected in the first place. I’m disgusted with special interest agendas, weak spined politicans, and corruption that isn’t afraid to operate in the daylight. It is time to saddle up and get this country back on track, and I plan to do just that in a way that is unapologetically me.

The problem with politicians is that they are always tip toeing around the real issues because they are worried about their next political office in their career. One of the great traits that I have going for me is that I am not a politician. I don’t want to be your next Senator, Congresswomen or President. I want to focus on the here and now, fix what needs fixing and leave a legacy in Colorado worth talking about. We do not need more politicians to continue to destroy our Nation and State. We need servants in Public Office who have nothing to lose and aren’t looking for anything to gain. Be in service to the people, because of the people, for the people. I have strong leadership, thick skin, and a winning strategy to put common sense back into legislation and prosperity back into Colorado. I hope that you join me in my fight to take on Corruption in Colorado!”

“Firecracker”. Yes, that is the term most often used to describe Danielle Neuschwanger. From an early age her passion and zest for life have not only been contagious to those around her, but also revered as a refreshing delight of energy. She is a self-proclaimed “Out of this world thinker, because let’s face it, the box was too limiting to begin with”, Danielle strives to offer fresh perspectives on all situations. 

Danielle was born in Greeley Colorado and grew up in Longmont Colorado under the influence of grandparents that served in WW2. The middle child of two brothers, Danielle grew up keeping up and competing with the best of them. Often she was found on Sunday’s with her Grandmother helping out with the Women’s Auxiliary or joyfully listening to life stories and passing of wisdom from other veterans at the local VFW.  This is where her deep love of Country and people began. 

“Words don’t just tell a story, and they aren’t just rich with history…. they carry life with them; from joy to pain, lessons learned and mistakes made, each story holds a gift to be cherished and passed on. I remember sitting at the bar with a Shirley Temple, surrounded by cigar smoke and the smell of whiskey in the air, calloused hands that had helped to sculpt a lifetime patted me on the back as stories and laugher were exchanged. Those are some of my fondest memories, and the men and women that shared them with me became lifelines to the past, and hope for the future.” Danielle proudly states. “I came from a broken home, and yet these memories carried me through. I found compassion and humility in a group of complete strangers that helped shape the woman I am today. I wish every child got to experience these gifts of wisdom as I did.” 

Danielle graduated high school as a Junior in 2005 with an early acceptance to CU Boulder. She attended CU for a couple years but eventually the pull of her one true love of Criminal Justice pushed her to Rasmussen College where she received her Associates Degree with an emphasis in Psychology. From there she graduated from CSU Global with a Bachelors degree in Criminal justice.   

Following her passion, Danielle spent the first ten years of her adult life working in various criminal justice positions, however Danielle found happiness in Healthcare Security where she was not only a Project Coordinator but also a Safe Tactics & Verbal De-Escalation Instructor. She traveled across the nation teaching Techniques for Effective Aggression Management to first responders, assisting with Contract Acquisitions, and data mining and research. She assisted with Active Shooter Drills, Mass Casaulty, and is also FEMA Certified. “Choas Management is my middle name”, she laughingly says. 

“My job was always changing as people are always changing. I truly loved being a role model to other young professionals and demonstrating that compassion towards others is the way to successful conflict resolution.” 

In 2014 everything changed for Danielle when she met her husband, Jarid Neuschwanger.

“I had always been married to my career and then along came Jarid and my priorities completely shifted. I fell in love, we started a family, and then began a small HVAC Construction Company. My passion for Criminal Justice is still a key element of who I am, but I knew that God was telling me it was time to step out of my comfort zone. It was the best decision I have ever made, and I am so grateful for my husband and our two boys.”

With a strong nudge from her mother in law, Danielle began practicing Real Estate in 2016, eventually opened up Wild Buck Realty in 2019; a Native Colorado Real Estate company that helps to support other local Colorado Small Businesses. 

“Life is an adventure, and adventure always leads you in different directions. I believe the best thing you can do is hold on for the ride, learn as much as you can and continually be a gift to others.” 


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