The Right To Choose

Danielle is a huge supporter of medical freedoms, and has an appreciation for alternative healing practices; as well as supports the parent’s right to choose what is best. Danielle also believes that parental rights, individual rights, and medical rights have been continually coerced over the past few decades with more infringments on Constitutional and Biblical liberties occurring on a regular basis.  

“I believe that law abiding citizens should not suffer at the hands of the law. That every person, regardless of political affiliation deserves the right to choose what is best for them, their family, and within their relationship to a higher power without coercion from the Government, private entities, or a media mafia.”- Danielle

Request for Medical Exemption for Vaccination

Are you having trouble getting a medical exemption from your medical provider from COVID? Try using this form that cites the CFR under Informed Consent and outlines the professional conduct complaints that the medical provider can be subject to upon refusal to provide medical exemption. 


Are you worried about sending your children to school? Worried about threats of vaccinations and COVID testing occuring while you are not present? Provide this form to your school and or daycare letting them know that you are NOT providing CONSENT for these actions and failure to follow your directives could potentially lead to criminal charges.