Endorsed by
“We the People”
The ONLY Endorsement that Matters. 

It has been such a privilege and honor to meet so many amazing Coloradans along the campaign trail. Your voice and vision for Colorado is what matters most. We don’t need endorsements from politicians loyal to a party. We need to be endorsed by the only voice in Colorado that should be heard; YOU!

We encourage you to email your endorsing comment, share a photo of us along the campaign trail, or one of your family by
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Together, “We the People” can create a Political Revolution and secure our Constitution for generations to come!

To my friends in Colorado… this November for your Govenor, please vote for Danielle Neuschwanger for Colorado Governor 2022! She is a real estate broker and knows the issues that aid in making homeownership attainable! She is a friend and I know in my heart of hearts ALWAYS does the right thing!

Vincent Arcuri

I support Danielle Neuschwanger for Governor of Colorado because of her integrity and tenacity. She is a role model for young women who have met adversity in their lives. She doesn’t back down and has the background of working in Judicial system and business. But most importantly, she is a strong Christian and knows  where Absolute Truth comes from.

Sharon Sibole

Danielle wants to fix 2020 and save our country. Danielle will protect our borders. Danielle will protect our second amendment. Danielle will protect our children. Danielle will fight for our freedoms. Danielle is America first conservative. Danielle Neuschwanger has my complete and total endorsement!

Jason Dahl

I am a native to Colorado who has deep roots from several generations in rural/NE Colorado. Danielle has my endorsement for Governor for many reasons. Danielle is also from rural Colorado and she will work hard to get the largest industries back on track here in Colorado. She has strategic plans for Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Construction, education, lowering taxes and many other areas of concern.

She has proven her love for the state of Colorado as well as the people who reside here. Knowing that she is running for the PEOPLE of Colorado, and not for the political parties in Colorado is all of the proof I need to vote for her on election day! Colorado needs someone like Danielle to help us get back to the basics and create a stronger Colorado for our future generations. 
Stephanie Edwards

Danielle is one of us, for all of us, because of this I endorse Danielle Neuchwanger as the American Constitutional Candidate for Colorado State Governor. Danielle is poised to take down Governor Polis and his regime of leftist. With Danielle Neuchwanger as our next Colorado State Governor we will bring pride back to our great state and be known once again for our American values and not for our wokeness.
If you are tired of the status quo, cast your vote for Danielle Neuschwanger for Colorado State Governor and let’s restore Colorado’s values!
Raina Lucero

I was blessed to meet Danielle in Grand Junction and volunteered to represent her at the 4th of July parade. I fully endorse Danielle for Governor because she brings hope for my family for a better Colorado. She is strong, smart, and knows how to get the job done.s.

Connie Rasmussen

As a life long conservative I have always supported the Republicans on the ballot.  I have believed in the two party system and thought it was best for our country and Colorado. I still support the true conservatives on the ballot, but this year for the first time in my 40 plus years of voting I am leaving the Republican candidate for Governor and voting for Danielle.   After following her for the last several months and spending time talking to her at the Larimer County Fair.  I have come to the belief that Danielle truly has Colorado’s best interest at heart. This decision was not made in haste, but with careful consideration and thought.  For to long the establishment has let us down.  Please look at Danielle and consider your vote carefully as I have done.  As a native Northern Colorado resident,  I believe this would be a step in the right direction.   Good luck Danielle.  Bring it home.

Randy Ackerman

My wife and I give you our endorsement and our support. You have proven to us that you are the BEST candidate for Governor! Good luck and we have your back!
Joseph Underwood

You’ve got my endorsement!!! Let’s get Colorado on the right track!!!

RaeLynn Rinaldo

Dear Fellow Coloradans,
I am writing to publicly support and endorse Danielle Neuschwanger for Colorado Governor 2022. As a Christian, small business owner, wife, and homeschool mom I fully support Danielle in the upcoming election.

Danielle Neuschwanger is a dedicated Patriot with a strong conviction to uphold the Constitution of the US and that of the State of Colorado. She is a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and has strong values, a clear vision which are very needed in this day and age when many have lost their hope. During times of crisis she will be confident to allow the people of her home state to run their businesses and meet the needs of the community as they deem necessary without health and moral comprising mandates. As a Constitutionalist she believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans and will govern with those foundational principles.

She respects life, and desires to see drastic changes made in the public education system. She supports criminal justice reform and better support for veterans’ mental health care. She supports law enforcement, removal of Colorado as a sanctuary state, and reduction of human trafficking. She first hand understands the Agricultural and Ranching, Oil and Gas industries, and will implement necessary changes to provide jobs and return water rights to Colorado.

I am confident that her leadership skills, her life experience in criminal justice as a de-escalation instructor, and her passion to seek and share the truth will make her a fabulous leader that has been needed in Colorado for decades.

Danielle Neuschwanger is literally the only choice for Governor in this election if we want Colorado to once again be the safest, most prosperous, and most beautiful state in the west.

Im ready to make history by voting in the first female Governor of Colorado, Danielle Neuschwanger.

Dani Carr


Everything I’ve seen from your “camp” I have approved of….I support you for governor!
Sherman Berry Jr

I  here by endorse Danielle Neuschwanger for our next governor of Colorado. Danielle is Colorado and she knows Colorado, she is not a politician, she is a rancher, a mother and a wife.

Carlos Torres

She is the only native of Colorado that’s in the race for Colorado Governor, she is the one who will work for all the people of Colorado and not just a chosen few.  She can’t, and she won’t be bought by special interest groups.  Danielle is in this race for you and me “We The People of all of Colorado!!  I have never met a more honest and genuine person!!

Ron Losey

Hi my name Pat Lopez and I am endorsing Danielle Neuschwanger for Governor of Colorado because I feel she is the best choice!  She is a native of Colorado and has strong christian and conservative values and she is not a politician. She plans to have a forensic audit of the budget and has already requested a copy. She has a background in criminal justice, is  a business owner and rancher. 

Danielle is a constitutional candidate and stands for “We the people!” 
Danielle Neuschwanger for Colorado Governor.
Pat Lopez

Look, it’s as simple as this: Danielle Neuschwanger won my vote, and will be receiving that vote for the position of Governor for the great state of Colorado in the upcoming general election.
There are several reasons that this is the case. I spoke to Mrs. Neuschwanger at length after bumping into her while walking through the exhibition building at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo, CO this past weekend. Danielle was standing (with not a chair in sight, I might add. Tough girl.) and talking to everyone that walked by. She took the time to explain her platform and candidacy for Governor with me, which I pondered for the next hour or two before I went back to the exhibition building and found Danielle in exactly the same spot (with still not a chair in sight) to follow up with her on some questions that had come to mind. Danielle answered several difficult questions that I asked with clear, concise answers that contained not only her opinion, but also facts and figures to back up her statements. 
Most impressively, when Danielle was speaking to me she looked me directly in the eyes. There was none of the shiftiness or averting of the eyes that one experiences with most elected officials today. Just a steady look that convinced me that this person is confident in her answers and believes what she is saying. We ended our conversation with a firm handshake and the best of wishes.
I’m still an undeclared voter, but I’m no longer an undecided one.


Ronald Loof

You have our endorsement!! There is no one better for Colorado!!!
A true warrior fighting for all of us!!
Thank you Danielle!


Rochelle Ralston

I am a former Republican who has lost faith in the Republican Party. I will be an Independent voter for the foreseeable future and fully support Danielle. She can’t win unless we vote for her. I cannot support any other candidate on the ticket. Vote Danielle!

Stan Beltz

Our family endorses Danielle for Governor of Colorado. As the only Colorado native on the ballot, Danielle knows exactly what it takes to honor the people of this state. Her positions and policies is what this country was built on and sadly Polis has done everything to rip that away from “we the people”. Because of this, Polis has run Colorado into a sad, destructive state with his “Californian” policies and beliefs. This is Colorado, not California. Danielle is for Colorado. Not only that, but she stands for our Constitution, safety and security of our borders, lowering taxes, support of our law enforcement and reprimanding criminals as they deserve, the lives and education of our children, advocating for our ranchers and farmers, etc. all with the honesty, grace, and integrity that God has given her to carry out. She will not back down for her people nor will she give up the fight. If you’re disgusted with Polis’ policies and how he’s riddled the state of Colorado, don’t just swing the other way. Educate yourself on how Danielle can and will restore the foundation that Colorado was built on. Let’s bring Colorado back to its people, not politicians. We have your support and will be voting for you Danielle!

The Meyer Family

 I am the Senior Pastor of Church in the City in Denver, CO. I am writing this endorsement for Danielle for Governor of Colorado.
Thank You!

Michael Walker

I endorse Danielle Neuschwanger to be my next Governor of Colorado! Our state needs our version of Kari Lake to bring our state back to being great again! I’m voting for her and I encourage you to do the same.

Jason Torgler