Meet Lt Governor Candidate Darryl Gibbs

My family is from Illinois and Louisiana.  I moved to Colorado in 1995, and I loved it so much that I decided to stay put.

Resiliency and integrity have been in my blood for many generations.  My grandmother was a feisty, determined, hard-headed woman.  She never gave up (she even carried a 38 in her pocketbook).  My grandmother had 25 children.  She did whatever it took to take care of her family, from cleaning houses to picking cotton.  She was a strong woman, who lived to the graceful age of 104.  My mom is a hard-working, ambitious, independent woman.  After serving her country in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC), she came home and worked two jobs to support her family as a single mother.  She did whatever it took to keep food on the table and keep the family safe.  From these two women, I have learned all the life skills that I need.

While I am currently serving as a C-130 Crew Chief in the Air Force Reserves, I have been in the military for almost 20 years now.  I have also served in the Denver Police Department.  I also have over 40 years in the trucking industry, and  am currently an owner/operator trucker driver, managing and running my own trucking company.

I am no career politician.  I have a unique background that has given me a wealth of experience.  My military and police background has provided me with some key skills that would directly apply to my position as Governor.  I am level-headed.  I can deal with any situation calmly and coolly, and with a clear head – so that I can properly address it and arrive at the best resolution. I am always courteous and professional.  I possess the ability to respectfully converse with anybody and arrive at a common solution.  I am also aware of, educated on, and concerned about, current political issues.  My trucking background has given me experience with budgets, forecasting, finance, and logistics.

I am running for Lieutenant Governor alongside Danielle Neuschwanger because I’m tired of watching the state that I love get slowly run into the ground due to bad policies and a lack of common sense. 

I’m no longer willing to sit back and criticize the latest local news from my couch.  I know what hard work is, and I know what integrity is.  I know about policies, laws, and processes. I  know about running a business and having a budget.  Through my military career, I know about making critical and time sensitive decisions, and I know about discipline and integrity.  I know about being a parent and wanting what’s best for your children. 

“I also know about being a Colorado citizen, and wanting what’s best for the state that you love.”

I’m not here to make a name for myself.  I’m here to make a difference.  A real difference.  Holding a public office position such as Lieutenant Governor is one of the greatest duties you can do to serve your country (and state).  This position holds a lot of responsibility – but that is the reason why I am seeking the position of Governor.  I don’t want to just make a positive difference at the city level. 

I want to make a positive difference for the entire state of Colorado.  I’m here to be that person that will take a stand for every Colorado citizen.

I stand for the flag, the National Anthem, and Colorado citizens from all four corners of the state.  But I only kneel for God.

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